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At the eXpats Service Centre, we provide services to aid companies in the process of obtaining valid relevant passes for their Foreign Knowledge Workers (FKW)

In general, companies will go through three (3) pre-application processes prior to applying for the relevant FKW passes.


At the eXpats Service Centre, we define a “knowledge worker” as an individual who holds one or more of the following criteria:

  • Holds a tertiary qualification from an institution of higher learning (in any field); or
  • Holds a diploma in multimedia/ICT or another specialised ICT certification plus at least 2 years’ relevant experience in multimedia/ICT or an equivalent field; or
  • Has held a professional, executive, management or technical work position in information technology (“IT”) enabled services (e.g. IT / IS Professionals, Finance / Accounting, Business Administration)

Special exemptions are given to foreign knowledge workers who do not meet the above criteria but are to be employed in the following:

  • Global Business Services - foreign workers with knowledge-based skills that are not prevalent in Malaysia, but required by MSC Malaysia Status companies.
  • Creative Content and Technologies - workers who are utilised for their creative talent to produce value-added creative work for MSC Malaysia Status companies